Bruno Marcucci

This month we are delighted to show “GRAVITATIONAL COLLAPSE OF BLACK HOLES” a series of works by the artist Bruno Marcucci, b.1948.

by Bruno Marcucci, b.1948
Mixed media, silicone, aluminium, electric engine.
Diameter: 250cm - Depth: 70cm

Marcucci’s portrayal of this astronomical phenomenon forces us to modify our astrophysical knowledge and to enter realms where classical physics falters and post-Einsteinian theories no longer have terms of comparison; beyond the event horizon of the black hole a gravitational collapse devours everything, radically modifying space-time coordinates and reducing the three-dimensional to a single dimension.

The artist himself tells us:

I look at cosmology with the naivety of a monk of the Middle Ages. Black holes are a creative stimulus for a vision far from any desire of mimetic representation, a vision in which matter and spirit/gravity and antigravity/time converge and it is surely this last antinomy that even prevails over space because time makes it happen that the very small can be at the same time the very big and, on the contrary, the very big makes the attention focus on the small sign hidden by a crease.

(An Extract from an essay by Prof Marcello Pecchioli and Henry Whaley).


Bruno Marcucci was born in Cagli in 1948, where he lives and works. He attended the Academy of Arts in Urbino where he graduated in 1972. He travelled around Europe and he attended sculpture classes held by Joseph Beuys in Dusseldorf. He worked as an assistant to the great artist Emilio Vedova (1919-2006), for the realization of a cycle of works.

The Artist in his Studio

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