Leonardo Passeri

This month we are delighted to show "Urbenica" a work by the artist Leonardo Passeri.

Urbenica, 2019
Acrylic and enamel on panel
910 cm x 200 cm x 3 cm
A Set of 7 Wooden Panels / 130 cm x 200 cm x 3 cm each.

by Alessandra Totta

Perfectly in tune with the intent of Visionary Art to look beyond the multiple ways of reconstructing and representing the world, we find the painting by Leonardo Passeri, Urbenica. A timeline rich in history, battles and faiths.

No particular date or event, only the clear reference to human action.

Seven modern illuminated pages of graphic mould waiting to be broken down, ready to create new visions and points of view. From chaos to urbanization, from simple faith to war.

Through these elements, in a way characterized by a non-dimension, it traces the evolution mystery and the human being engaged in an incessant war against himself and against those high and wise celestial spheres that he so much loves and condemns.

Leonardo Passeri in his studio, Perugia, Italy, 2019. Urbenica, 2019


Leonardo Passeri was born in Assisi in 1982.

He studied at the Central Saint Martins School of Arts. Inspired by British philosophy, the cultural and aesthetic atmosphere, cyber-goth, revival, and extreme avant-garde, Passeri decided to embrace these thoughts completely and transmitted them to his creations.

The approach to inner reality became a real introspection, with questions, researches and considerations driven by the need for expression.

His first works focused on experimentation of pictorial media and painting techniques. The intense abstract landscapes, the bright and hypnotic colours to fluid, almost molecular forms in their fusion indicated a primordial world.

The latest pictorial and sculptural projects, still expanding, are focused on scenarios and visions from the future, characterized by post-apocalyptic scenarios, alien creatures, anthropomorphs, androgynous and symbolic forms, all dropped into indefinite terrestrial and spatial dimensions.

He exhibited in Italy, in the UK and abroad.

Leonardo Passeri, "Visionaries and the Art of Performance" Exhibition
The Festival of the Two Worlds, Spoleto, Italy, 2019

To find out more about Leonardo Passeri visit www.leonardopasseri.it