In Memoriam – Marcello Pecchioli (1954 – 2021)

This month we are remembering a great visionary artist, critic and scholar with one of his most iconic works: "Alien Priest".

Alien Priest Leaded stained glass and mixed media cm 85 x 65

Dedicated to the imagination of Religion and the Sacred, this work by Pecchioli is a small leaded stained-glass window which depicts an “Alien Priest” following the iconography of the Byzantine and/or Roman Pantocrator, but presented and protected in a shrine as if it were a relic taken from a post-apocalyptic retro-future.

Prof Marcello Pecchioli and Technomedioevo Artists at the exhibition “Visionaries and the Art of Performance”.
The Festival of the Two Worlds, Spoleto, Italy, 2019.
Professor Marcello Pecchioli, Techno Medioevo Study Day.Priory Church of the Order of St John / 14 June 2018


Prof Marcello Pecchioli graduated with a degree in Science Philosophy, he was a cinematographic and multimedia critic, a university professor, a technological artist, a film-maker. He was the editor of a book series called 'Aesthetics of global communication'. His interests were in visual languages, multi-mediality, videos, installations, electronic surroundings.

He worked with the Architecture Department of Ferrara and the Contemporary History Department (arts and new media) of DAMS Bologna, and taught Theory and Aesthetics of the New Media at the University of Padua. He was the art director of the science fiction Festival E.B.E., which took place both in Bologna and Milan. He collaborated with EIDOS (Milan), with the Biennale (Venice), with Centro AIAM (Turin), with the Computer Science Department of the University of Bologna, and with the History and Philosophy Department of Padua. He was the founder and leader of Techno Medioevo and Age of Future, a group of conceptual artists with whom the Sir Denis Mahon Foundation organised events and exhibitions, such as Techno Medioevo: Age of Future Reloaded at Museum of the Order of St John, London 2018; Visions and Visionaries at Guildhall Galleries, London (2019) subsequently shown at Festival of The Two Worlds in Spoleto (July 2019). He continued his collaboration writing catalogue texts and advising on art historical issues.

Prof Marcello Pecchioli was born in Spoleto in 1954, died in Bologna on 2 February 2021.

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